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Zoom Probiotic Blend - 25 Billion CFU (Featuring FloralSMART®) Sugar-Free Gummies

Probiotic Blend - 25 Billion CFU (Featuring FloralSMART®) Sugar-Free Gummies

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Ingredients: Allulose, Allulose Pectin, Purified Water, MCT Oil, Natural Apple Flavor, Citric Acid, Natural Green Liquid Coloring, and Sodium Citrate.

The FloraSMART® line of postbiotics features multiple strains produced in Japan from plant-origin lactic acid bacteria where they have been heavily researched indicating compelling benefits for skin health, digestive regularity and immunity. At a very affordable price point and up to five billon organisms per milligram, nutraceutical, food and beverage brands can quickly increase brand acceptance by adding these premium tyndallized probiotics to any formulation.

Feature Study:

-Improved Skin Conditions*

• Published In Bioscience of Microbiota

• Lactobacillus casei 100mg Dosage

• 8 Weeks Double-Blind

• 58 Japanese Female Subjects

• Suppression of Moisture Loss

Feature Study:

-Digestive Regularity*

• Published In Bioscience of Microbiota

• Lactobacillus casei 25mg Dosage

• 2 Weeks Double-Blind

• 95 Japanese Adult Subjects

• Increase in defecation frequency & volume

Feature Study:

-Improved Immune Health*

• Publication Pending

• Enterococcus faecalis 20mg Dosage

• 4 weeks Double-Blind

• 33 Japanese Adult Subjects

• Mucosal Immunity Activation


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