If you just can’t bring yourself to give your mom one more book, scarf, box of chocolates, or flower arrangement for Mother’s Day, OrganoLeaf has your back! This year, we can help you  give your mom the gifts of health and strength that can last for many Mother’s Days to come! If your mom is over 60, chances are she is dealing with or worrying about memory loss, weight gain, osteoporosis, and/or arthritis/joint pain and yet often the “cure” (aka medicine) is worse than the ailment. Let’s discuss some gifts of natural healing you can give your mom this year that may even rival the clay pot you made for her in 5th grade that earned you the “Number 1” spot in her heart.

Memory Loss

Despite what you’ve heard, memory loss is not an inevitable part of the aging process. There are many factors that are stronger predictors of memory loss than aging: stress, depression, injury, sleeplessness, etc. If you’re noticing signs of memory loss in your mom, one of the best things you can encourage her to do is exercise — physically and mentally. There are also studies that show ginkgo biloba is a very effective memory enhancer. Memories are precious and if your mom is worried about losing hers, a membership to a nearby gym or yoga studio, a book of sudoku puzzles, and a big bottle of ginkgo biloba would make a perfect memory-boosting gift basket for her.

Weight Gain

About 75% of adults over 60 are obese or overweight. Obesity is related to Type II Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease, breast cancer and high blood pressure. Women in perimenopause or menopause tend to gain fat in the waist or hips. Experts agree that the best way to combat the fat and avoid some of its deadly relatives is to increase exercise, moderate calorie and alcohol intake, and increase healthy fats like Omega 3 fatty acids. So, for your mom who might be worried about her waist, you can gift her more health and happiness with a gym membership or signing her up for a pickleball lessons. And don’t forget a great big order of an Omega-3 supplement!


Women over 50 need to be on guard for this sneaky condition. Osteoporosis causes bones to weaken as small holes develop. It can even lead to bone fractures. Often, women are unaware of their condition until they fall and break a bone or two. To help your mom avoid this, you can give her the gift of natural healing by making sure she has a great magnesium and calcium supplement and (for the third time!) we recommend a gym membership. Weight bearing exercise is essential to maintain bone density.


Last but not least, let’s talk arthritis. It affects about half of our elderly and is the number one cause of disability. One of the worst parts of arthritis is the way it disincentivizes activity which is imperative for overall health and to keep arthritis at bay. If your mom suffers from joint pain, encourage her to keep a slow, steady, consistent exercise routine in place (that gym membership again!). At OrganoLeaf we offer the very best quality and most effective turmeric curcumin supplement you can find. Your mom deserves the best. If she suffers from any kind of arthritis, make sure to give her the gift of OrganoLeaf’s Turmeric Curcumin supplement for Mother’s Day. This year, say “thanks” and “I love you” by helping her feel and move better than she has in years!