As we say goodbye to the lazy days of summer and think about reintroducing our kids to foreign things like bedtimes and well, structure of any kind – perhaps you’re even bracing yourself for re-entry to back to school life and all its accompanying madness. OrganoLeaf is here to help.

Simplicity is our watchword but if you’re a mom or dad, we know what you’re thinking… “Tell that to my kids, their teachers, their homework, soccer coaches, friends and dance instructors!” Simplicity is simple, but it’s not easy! We totally get that, which is why we have three of our favorite ways to simplify the back-to-school transition for your family.

1. Time Zones

Sit down as a family and designate chunks of time that will be allotted for chores, practicing an instrument or sports, downtime, and homework. After spending 7 or 8 hours in school it’s crucial they have time to be kids. Be flexible with your time zones, but when everyone has a general idea of when they should be doing what, things run much more smoothly.

2. Homework – Help!

We can’t give back to school tips without talking about homework. Some kids are great at jumping right in and finishing their homework quickly, some not so much. Depending on what grade they are in, decide what you feel is an appropriate amount of time for them to spending on homework and then stick to that even if it means they don’t finish it all. If you involve your child’s teacher in that decision, they are usually very willing to accommodate your child’s/family’s interests and if they aren’t on board, speak with your school’s administrators. Remember that you get to decide what works best for your child and family and don’t be afraid to assert yourself.

3. Ground the Helicopters!

One of the hardest things to do as a parent is to let go of our kids. However, it’s also one of the most important. So in keeping with our keep it simple theme, let go of your desire to control every outcome. It’s okay to let our kids experience a bad grade or not turn something in that they left at home or maybe even skip a lunch that they forgot to pack.

Encourage them to work out differences with their friends or even teacher and resist the urge to jump in right off the bat. We often equate how much we do for our kids with how much we love them, especially when comparing what all the other parents do. Don’t fall into that trap! Teaching your kids to be resilient and confident by allowing them to fail and do things on their own (with your support) you’re showing them you think they are capable, creative problem-solvers and are giving them a far greater gift than the best Valentine’s box in the class.

These back to school tips really are simple but don’t mistake simple for insignificant. By implementing these three things, you can demonstrate the importance of balance and responsibility and hope and pray your kids soak it all in! In all your efforts for your family, make sure you don’t forget about yourself and don’t forget about your secret weapon to keep you afloat in the flood of busy-ness – OrganoLeaf’s Turmeric Curcumin supplement! It will keep your aches and pains at bay from the active life you lead chasing kids, slaying dragons, climbing the corporate ladder etc. It will also keep you healthy so you can be the support your kids need! Order yours today!