School is out and the kids are home…All. Day. Long! Keeping your kids healthy and happy throughout the summer months takes parenting to a whole new level but OrganoLeaf is here for you with our go-to summer activities to fight boredom and encourage healthy lifestyle habits. The best part is… no apps involved! We believe in getting back to the basics and wholesome family fun is one of our very favorite ways to stay healthy and happy.

1. The Family that Plays Together Stays Together

Making family time physical helps kids associate exercise and wellness with positive memories. For these summer months put those board games on a shelf and get outside for a family hike, bike ride or game of soccer. You can even let each family member choose their favorite physical activity and choose a day of the week to rotate through everyone’s pick.

summer activities

2. To Market We Go

A Farmer’s Market, that is. Almost every town has a farmer’s market nearby once or twice a week. Set that evening or Saturday morning aside to take the whole family and let them pick out their favorite smoothie ingredients to stock up on for the week. Not only will this be a favorite of the summer activities you do this season you’ll also be supporting local growers and making more positive associations for eating quality, healthy food for your family.

3. Grow Together

Get the whole family involved in planting a garden together. There’s a little farmer in all of us and there are few things as satisfying as reaping what we sow.  Work together to choose your crops, prep your soil, plant your seeds, water, weed and tend to your garden. Your harvest will be a bounty of healthy foods, kids who know how to work, and priceless memories of quality time together. Even the highest tech kids will thrill over watching a bean plant sprout! Take it to the next level and let your kids help prepare meals from the ingredients they helped create.

We love keeping things simple and getting back to basics at OrganoLeaf, and in our humble opinion all of these summer activities fit the bill perfectly. Even simple and basic can still require a lot of energy so be sure to keep yourself on the list of people to take care of. OrganoLeaf’s Turmeric Curcumin is the perfect way to recover from all your active summer fun and to help to keep those joints willing and able to participate in all of it! Don’t wait to order your summer supply of turmeric curcumin, order today!